L'Insieme Famiglia

Project: Visual Design for the event "Domandosa"

Creation of posters and leaflets

The event concerned the author's reading of a story in a collection.

"Domandosa" is the title of the story and deals with adoption. There is talk of strong and poignant emotions that no image of the real world could have represented. This is why I decided to represent that turmoil of emotions with an abstract image. A wave that is low in some points but then rises dramatically, and then falls back down.

The colors, red and green, represent these contrasting emotions very well: red is the color of blood, danger and pain, green, on the other hand, represents rebirth, instills confidence and security.

This is precisely the passage that makes Domandosa, and that I wanted to represent in the flyer.

As with every job done for L'Insieme Famiglia, I built the landing page on their website and created and managed the event on social media.